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Deauxma Vital Stats:

Below is a little information about me just in case you were interested.

Age – Hmmm, now do you really think I’m going to tell you that. How old do you think I am? I fall in that MILF category.

Birthday – I was born January 25, 19?? So that makes me an Aquarius. At least I narrowed it down a bit

Height – I am 5’7”, but I always wear 4 to 5 inch high heels. So on the average, that makes me around 5’11” to 6'. For your information, I love tall men, six foot or taller.

Measurements – If you didn’t notice, I have some rather large boobs. I measure 32G –25-35 (36DD Bra). Those are the new and improved store bought boobs. They came in a set.

Eye Color – My eyes are Hazel. But, I have been told a 1000 times they look green. They really are Hazel.

Hair Color – Originally my hair is brown, but that is subject to change without notice. You may notice that it changes a lot. I'm a woman and that's my option. I like to change it up now and then for a new look.

Muff – At this time, my muff is shaved completely bald, but now and then I will grow a small landing strip. I will not ever grow it out, I hate it bushy. As a hint guys, us women like men that are shaved and trim as well, hint, hint!

Dress Size – I normally wear between a size 6 and 7, depending on the make of the garment. The tighter the better right? Due to my big boobs, it's kind of hard to find dresses that fit right. It's tough having big boobs.

Panty Size – I only wear thongs, or nothing at all. I just hate panty lines. I wear a size medium or a 6. As a note, I have worn full back panties for photo shoots. So if you want to see me wear those, send me a pair.

Favorite Food – I just love all kinds of Italian food. I really don't have a favorite dish. I do love to explore and try new things. Some times I will pick an item off the menu and not even have a clue as to what I ordered. Daring is fun!

Favorite Music – I love to dance to Top 40 and R&B mostly. But, recently I have grown very fond to country music. The female country singers are just gorgeous. Especially Faith Hill. I'd do her! Come to me Faith!

Perfume – I love the smell of Gio for men. But my favorite to wear is Dream Angel- Heavenly. Just in case you want some, you can get it at Victoria Secrets. Or even better, send me some.

Sports & Hobbies – My favorite sport is playing sand volleyball. I also love to watch basketball and football. Go San Antonio Spurs. I am also a huge NASCAR fan. My favorite drivers are #8 Dale Jr. and #24 Jeff Gordon. I love going to the stock car races and wearing tight tops and jeans to see if anybody notices me.

Favorite Color – I just love the colors of teal and coral. It’s a tie, I just couldn’t decide. I think I look good in both of them, but not at the same time. The truth is, I love female cookie pink the best. LICK!

Sexual Orientation – I am very very bisexual. I just love to play with women as much as I do men. I love having both at the same time if I can. I have been in the swinging lifestyle many years now and love meeting and playing with new people. I just love SEX!

Sexual Position – I would have to say my favorite position is having it anally doggie style. I love being pounded from behind as my huge boobs sway back and forth. But then again, having my legs up and over my shoulders doing anally is great too. So many decisions. Don't ask, just Deaux-me!

Magazines - I have done several hardcopy magazines that you can find at your local adult bookstore, and I have also done a few Internet layouts.

If you would like to know a little more about me, just drop me an email and ask. Take care Hugs, Kisses and Licks ...... Deauxma
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