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Holiday Hotwife
Dressing up for all my Siren Strokers. Merry XXXMas boys!

Dee Siren
Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Holidays, HOTWIFE
Porn Shop Sluts
When my BFF (best FUCKING friend) Alysha is in town we always find ourselves in crazy places. This time we ended up in a dark adult book store surrounded by strange cocks jerking off to us in the background. Our married pussies get so wet and turned on knowing all these men are getting off to us. When...

Alysha Morgan, Dee Siren
Tags: Adult Theater, BBC, Big Ass, Big Tits
Piss Play Under the Bridge
Our friend Big Black asked Mr. Siren if I could pee on him next time he was in Houston. Such a naughty boy, I love it! We upped things up a little and decided to do it outside. So we drove around until we found a somewhat private place to have fun. Just happened to be under a bridge with lots of cars...

Dee Siren
Tags: Anal, BBC, Big Ass, Big Tits
Ho Ho Ho
Merry "Naughty" Christmas to all of my friends and fans. I've been a very naughty housewife this year, so I know Mr. Siren's going to give me everything I want! hehe.

Dee Siren
Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Blondes, Glasses
Naughty in Public Places
Driving around Houston with hubby finding places to fuck. Mr Siren always finds the best spots. In public, but still private enough not to get caught. First stop is a parking lot off the side of the highway. Then we hide behind a pillar at an appliance store. Pretty sure some people saw us there....

Dee Siren
Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Blondes, Blowjob
Virgin Fan Bukkake
There is nothing like being the center of attention. Even better when it's a bunch of Siren Strokers rubbing their hard dicks for me. This time I had a fan that wanted to fuck me in front of others. From his pictures he was attractive and hung! What you can't see in photos though is if someone knows...

Dee Siren
Tags: Anal, Big Ass, Big Tits, Big Toys
Candy Cane Christmas
A very Merry Christmas to all my fans! I'm feeling a bit naughty and need to feel my married pussy stretched out. Because it's Christmas, or should I say XXXmas, I've decided to use a few Candy Canes. Watch my use a couple of HUNG and LONG Candy Canes to pound away at my pussy. Then I see if I can fit...

Dee Siren
Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Big Toys, Blondes
Squirting with Raleigh Hart
After meeting my girlfriend Raleigh Hart at our Meet and Greet I knew I had to play with her again. Especially once I found out she squirts, or should I say... FLOODS! We fuck each other with some of my nice big dildos, causing us both to squirt all over her couch. I even put on a strap-on and fucked...

Dee Siren, Raleigh Hart
Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Big Toys, Blondes
Slutty Hotwife
Had a Siren Stroker that had been wanting to fuck me for a while and since he's a hottie, I had Mr. Siren get us a hotel room so we could play. He's a great kissing and made me squirt just by sucking on my tongue and rubbing my pussy. Hubby couldn't help but join in when I was sucking this Strokers dick....

Dee Siren
Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Blondes, Blowjob
Stroke Your Cock for Me
I know how much you like stroking your hard cocks to my wet, married pussy. Watching you stroke gets me so horny. We invited a Siren Stroker to sit in front of me while I fuck myself. Shoving my monster toys in my pussy and asshole. Squirting all over myself.

Dee Siren
Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Big Toys, Blondes
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