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Meet n Greet Blowbang
There's nothing like meeting all of my Siren Strokers. Our Siren's Meet n Greet at Friends Lifestyle Lounge in Houston was a fucking blast! Talking with fans is such a turn on. Knowing that I help so many...

Dee Siren
Adult Theater Sex Toy
Another very unexpected sexy time at the adult theater. With so many cum filled cocks, how could a hotwife like me resist? Hubby took full advantage. Fingering and fucking me while I sucked a bunch of...

Dee Siren, Wayne Siren
Hotel Quickie
Horny as fuck and needed to cum. Had hubby get us a hotel room for a quickie. Fucking my phat, married pussy with my toys while hubby jerks off recording it for you guys. After cumming a few times I suck...

Dee Siren, Wayne Siren
New Year Gangbang
Staring the new year off with a BANG! Invited over a few of my Siren Strokers over some GANGBANG fun. While they are waiting to fuck me I decide to come out and suck their dicks. I was their FLUFFER......

Dee Siren, Derrick Tallwood
BBC Surprise with Carey
My girlfriend Carey Riley and her hubby came to visit us for a weekend full of fun. When I found out she had never been with two black men at the same time, I knew I had to set it up. D. Wise and another...

Carey Riley, D. Wise
Dee and Virgo's Late Night Fuck
WOW... what a fucking great day! Not only did I get to film Virgo fucking all day, I get to finish it watching my wife (Dee Siren) and Virgo fucking each other. Watching these two make out is an instant...

Dee Siren, Virgo Peridot
Masturbating at the Mall
So you guys like public play? It fucking turns me on like crazy! That's why I told hubby to pack up the camera, we're going to the mall. Nothing like trying to keep myself quiet as I'm cumming or gagging...

Dee Siren, Wayne Siren
MILFs Play with Toys
After waiting and planning, my girls Kiki and Carey showed up with their bags of tricks. The girls and I got down & dirty testing out all of our toys on each other for our wild weekend ahead!

Carey Riley, Dee Siren
Phat Ass in Jeans
I know how much all of my Siren Strokers love my phat ass, so I put on some tight pants to show it off for you guys. As you'd expect, the pants do have to come off at some point so that I'm able to play...

Dee Siren
Eat Your Veggies
Kiki Daire & I plan on making a nice, healthy dinner!!! Once we see the veggies for the salad, we get a little excited over their nice big sizes. Kiki & I get really naughty and fuck all the veggies including...

Dee Siren, Kiki Daire
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